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Why Afra WPC?

The accuracy in every work is what makes it to distinguish itself from similar tasks. Afra WPC’s staff experience and techniques are being perfected every day and in every field, at all levels. The progress of Afra WPC products quality is due to this company’s active participation in a variety of projects and getting feedbacks from production to sending and installing and clients’ satisfaction while using the product.

Afra WPC will never sacrifice quality over price. We are always looking at improving our products quality while keeping a competitive price. Not only we are the biggest producer of WPC in Iran but we are also proud to have the best product. Among the qualitative characteristics that distinguishes us are as follows:

1- Five-year replacement warranty is one of Afra’s offered services

2- Linear thermal expansion of Afra’s WPC products are 3.4mm per meter, which is around 1mm less than our concurrent. This was made under ASTM E 289-04 standards.

3- Afra WPC’s delivery time is incomparable with any other supplier. Having a high capacity storage, advanced equipment and experienced staff able to deliver high quality products in the shortest possible time. This helps our customers to progress fluently all along their planned project.

4- The variety of our products helps the customers to use WPC in many different situations. Afra WPC is now proposing 3 kinds of decks (light, heavy and solid) to use in different situation and based on the customer’s needs, provided at the most affordable price. We also have panels for partitions, wall panels, decks, tiles, door frames and so on. Soon 10 new profiles will be marketed by the company.

5- Because many complain about the products comes from a wrong way of installing this product, Afra WPC we will take charge of the installation and for those who will do it by themselves, we offer free consulting. But remember, if you want to install the product by yourself, ask for Afra’s installation approval certificate to benefit from the warranty.

6- The quality and variety of colors proposed by Afra WPC is our distinctive feature. We propose our products in brick white, ochre, chestnut, ceder, wenge, grey stone, ebony.   

7- Technical specifications of Afra WPC products shows that they are from the highest levels. It also should be noticed that these products, when compared, are equals to those manufactured in the Unites States. For more information, please refers to our standards page.

8-The company’s warehouse is located to Shariar, in Tehran’s area. And all the products price is without the shipping costs. Since the factory is located in the province of Golestan, it helps many customers to save time and money and to ease the real their project’s goal.


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